Imagine: your country is occupied. Everywhere around you are soldiers from a different country. They took the power; you’ll have to obey them. You can hardly understand them; they speak a different language. Not just by mouth, they think different.

About justice. About equality. About the truth.

You feel like telling them that they’re wrong. They’re not righteous. They should not make decisions about the happiness or lives of other people. You learned quickly not to do so.

Everyday you hear stories about people being killed by these soldiers. Ordinary people just like yourself; the schoolmaster, because he tried to stop them from seizing the school. The baker, who wanted to get paid for the bread they took from him. The lady next door, who got upset when laughing soldiers ravished a young girl…

And now it’s your turn.

As soon as you enter this escape room, you’ll leave your freedom at the door.

What you’ll face are issues and dilemmas every person will face when they have to flee. If you choose to flee from your world you’ll abandon everything you know. You’ll have to give it your all to keep your head above the water in the new situation. From now on you’ll rely on nothing and no one but yourself. Maintain a sharp sight to recognize, dare to take decisions and take distance from all you knew before.

Can you manage to stay under the radar, be invisible, unnoticeable for the enemy?


Frequently asked questions


Group size- with how many people can I play?
You can play the escape-room with at least 2 people and max. 6 people. The bigger the group the more difficult it becomes to discuss the puzzles. The size of the escape-room has room for max. 6 people.
Age limit – can children play?
The escape-room is filled with puzzles best to be played by ages 14 and up.
How long will the experience last?
You have an hour to crack the code of the escape-room. The group is expected to arrive fifteen minutes early for a short briefing. After completing the escape-room you can of course visit the museum and or enjoy a cup of coffee.
For whom has the escape-room been build?
For anyone who dares to place himself and his group into the position where you’ll have to struggle to get out. For anyone who likes risks and has interest in the world issues in our history and present day.
Accessibility – for whom has the escape-room NOT been build?
Unfortunately the escape-room is not accessible for people with mobility problems.
What if I can’t make it?
Reservations can be cancelled up to 12 hours before your booked time. In case you cancel less than 12 hours before the booked time you will have to pay 25 Euros for all expenses that have been made. The remaining amount will be refunded to your account.
What if we get stuck in the game and can’t get any further?
During the game a game supervisor will follow you. You can ask for hints and clues if necessary.
Can I leave the escape-room at any time?
Yes, you can always leave the escape-room. In case of fire, accidents or other occasions you can leave the escape-room via emergency routes. Before the game starts the game supervisor will inform you about the emergency exits and routes.


About the creators

Caro Wicher and Theo Soontiëns are both theatre creators from the Achterhoek. They don’t just work in the theatres; they believe it’s important to mix art with ordinary day life, history and heritage.

Exactly this is why creating this escape-room has been right up their alley. Their goal was to build an escape-room which didn’t just challenge people to solve puzzles, but to make people part of the story. A very important story.

The collaboration with Peter Schilleman (web developer) and Jasper Fernhout (Prop and production designer/builder) made it possible to turn the escape-room into an unique experience for everyone who dares to take on the challenge.

Caro Wicher and Theo Soontiëns


Torment your brain

You’ll face puzzles hard to solve!

Think strategically

Going right at your goal seems the best way, but could be very stupid.

Keep your eyes open

Danger is everywhere around you, but most of the times it comes from behind!

Solve puzzles

Sometimes things seem so clear, but even Einstein is wrong sometimes.

More information?



Nationaal Onderduikmuseum tells all about the life of a community during uncommon times: the Second World War.

Nationaal Onderduikmuseum paints an image of daily life of the citizens during the years of occupation 1940-1945. In the town of Aalten a very high amount of fleeing people where hiding. In the museum the stories of the people in times of war are interactively relive able.

In the museum you will have a close look how everything changes during the time of war. Present day there are still wars going on and people who have to flee and or hide. Sometimes those problems get very close to us. You’ll find that there are a lot of nuances around ‘right or wrong’. The escape-room is only partly attached to the museum but build with the same vision.

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